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Business Payroll

We all like to get paid at the end of the day, don’t we? It’s what we work for.

Of course, it’s not so nice when you’re the payer and not the payee; seeing all that money suddenly disappear from your company account, with hopefully a share going to yourself as well. Of course, it’s never that simple, and with things such as PAYE and National Insurance to think about, along with statutory payments such as maternity and paternity pay and sick pay, nowadays you need to use specialist software just to give your staff the money they have earned.

Jemmett Fox offer a complete payroll solution. We can either provide training and assistance in setting up and running your own company payroll scheme, or you can simply sit back and let us take care of everything for you. This includes running the payroll for any period length, be it weekly, biweekly, monthly or even quarterly, and handling payslips, P45’s and P46’s and all period summaries. It also includes annual returns such as P11D’s and P35’s (lots of “P” numbers basically).

Payslips can be sent by post, by a secure cloud service, or by trained womble (note – one of these things is not a reliable method of sending. Royal Mail aren’t infallible you know).

Workplace Pensions

Jemmett Fox can help you and your employees plan for the future. Being able to provide your employees with a workplace pension is not just an excellent benefit.

As a result of auto-enrolment, it is a requirement of all employers to provide a qualifying pension scheme for their employees. We can help you free up more time to concentrate on the running of your business by taking on the administration of your workplace pension for you.

Our highly skilled team can help ease your burden by:

– Liaising with pension providers on your behalf
– Keeping staff fully informed of their pension entitlements
– Focusing on the underlying investment funds and advising accordingly to get the best out of your pension scheme.

Auto-enrolment for Businesses

As an employer you will be affected by auto-enrolment and the recent changes to pensions legislation. You have a duty to provide, and contribute to, a qualifying pension scheme for all eligible employees.

The whole process is being rolled-out in phases. It is expected that all eligible employees in the UK will automatically be enrolled into a qualifying pension scheme by the end of 2018.

Staging dates:

Your staging date is the date you are scheduled to start your new pension duties. The date is determined based on the size of your company. If you don’t know what this date is you can find out on the government website.

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) suggests you give yourself 12 months before your staging date to get everything in place. We can help you understand your duties and find a suitable pension product if you don’t already have one. We can also help administer your pension should you need us to.

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