Business Accounts

We handle accounts for a wide variety of different types of business; from limited companies to small & medium businesses. We have the expertise to help you manage, grow, and maintain your company, through the good times and the bad. From annual accounts preparation to full 10 year business plans and cash-flow projections, we’re confident that we can help keep your business running as efficiently as possible, by taking care of all the annoying little financial controls and forms that our government require you to complete and abide by.

Our services include:

Tax efficiency reviews – making sure you’re not paying too much tax

Cash-flow projections – showing you predictions of income and outgoings over a set number of years

Budgeting exercises – checking to see if you are working to an ideal budget or if you could get more out of what you’re putting into your company

Internal systems analysis – making sure your internal financial procedures are up to the task!

If (or rather, when) your company starts earning a seven figure turnover, you’ll probably find that your internal management will leave you little time to concentrate on menial, but extremely important, financial tasks. At this point, we’re there to give you direction, help make the best use of your time, and take over all those little niggling things so that you can spend more time relaxing and less time worrying.

If you ask nicely, we’ll even give you cake at meetings. You can’t say no to that! (unless you don’t like cake, in which case, you get dog biscuits).

Our Services

Individual & Business
Online Cloud Accounting
Making Tax Digital
Tax Planning
Tax Incentives & Cover
New & Existing Businesses
Auto-enrolment for businesses
Business Payroll
HR Consultancy For Business

Personal Accounts

Starting your own business is one of the most exciting and rewarding things you can do in your life. Being your own boss has many benefits, like being able to work to your own schedule, or the ability to take lunch when you want, but it also comes with a lot of challenges and a LOT of extra financial and technical responsibility.

Jemmett Fox can help you get through the initial stages of setting up your own company, guide you as you begin to grow and discover all the paperwork that you need to do in this day and age, and then keep the government and the HMRC off your back when you finally start to enjoy the fruits of your labours.

We can offer advice on how to structure your business as it grows, handle registration of your business with the HMRC, and give you advice and help with setting up payroll and book-keeping for your new business. We’ll also keep you up to date with changes in legislation that may affect your business as well as advising you on the best way to maximise your profits, ensuring that you take home the largest possible share of your earnings.

For partnerships, we can help you with record-keeping and payroll services along with account preparations and submittals. We can also give you training in the various products necessary to enable you to keep your own records, or we can just do it all for you, letting you put your time and effort into something more worthwhile.

Contact us today or pop in for a friendly chat and find out how we can help you.