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Making Tax Digital will start in April ‘19. Businesses above the VAT threshold must provide VAT information to HMRC digitally. HMRC are currently running a private pilot for volunteer #VAT businesses and later this year launching a public pilot.

HMRC have already began inviting self-employed individuals and agents to join the Making Tax Digital (MTD) pilot for income tax. The aim being that taxpayers will see an estimate of how much tax they owe rather than waiting until the normal due dates. However MTD for taxes other than VAT will begin ‘not before’ April 2020. Is your business prepared for the upcoming changes?

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How awesome are we? Well, we’re based in the radical town of East Dereham in the heart of Norfolk, famous for… umm… this guy, and also this lovely lady. Not only that, but Dereham is (allegedly) the exact geographical center of Norfolk. How awesome is that? (allegedly).

Right: This Guy

Far Right: The Lovely Lady

Below: The (alleged) center of Norfolk (a pothole)

Hey look – here’s Bonnie’s cottage! It’s a museum now, and it’s a literal stones-throw away from us*

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*A stone thrown by a very strong man.

Our GROOVY services include


We handle accounts for a wide variety of different types of business; from limited companies to small & medium businesses


Such a small word, yet Tax is something that none of us want to think about, and yet we all know we have to pay it.


Jemmett Fox offer a complete payroll solution for your company, including processing, payslips & annual returns.


Jemmett Fox have a VAT expert on hand to help you get to grips with this most irritating of taxes, so don’t despair!


No matter how big or how small your company is, some level of bookkeeping will be required, and Jemmett Fox are here to help.

Web Design

Alongside our accountancy services, we have a sister company who run a web design and creative media agency for all your digital needs.

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