About Us


The Jemmett Fox Team

In 2000, a crack team was assembled by an inspirational accountant for services that they were experts in. This team promptly escaped from their old offices and moved to a new location just down the street. Today, still wanted by their old companies, they survive as accountants and financial experts of fortune.

If you have an (accountancy-related) problem, if no-one (in the accountancy and financial field) can help, and if you can find them (we’re in a big white building, just off the high street in Dereham, Norfolk – see our contact us page for details), maybe you can hire… The Jemmett Fox Team!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a Jemmett Fox van. Or Special Ops training. What we do have is a professional accountant with over 20 years in the industry, a VAT specialist trained in the (non-deadly) use of VAT schemes and cash accounting; a payroll expert knowledgeable in all things SAGE related, and an account production manager who also has a trained tax monkey (one of these things is a lie).

Also, one of our staff claims to be a ninja. None of us believe her though.